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Monkey Park Foundation

If you’ve ever wanted to hold a baby monkey and also give back toward helping the environment and the habitat of some at risk animal species, you have to visit the Monkey Park Foundation in Costa Rica.
Here, you can get up close with and learn more about animals who are in danger in Costa Rica, often because of development, hunting or other issues. You won’t be limited to only seeing monkeys, though – the park’s “exhibits” of animals they’ve rescued keeps changing, but you will likely get to encounter howler monkeys, spider monkeys, majestic scarlet macaws, parrots and other tropical birds, rodents, and maybe even a crocodile!

The Monkey Park is a not-for-profit that works off donations to rescue, care for, and rehabilitate injured or displaced animals, and they work with governments to promote smart planning and development to lessen harmful impacts on these animals’ habitats.

Your visit to the Monkey Park Foundation will not only be fun and educational, but you’ll feel happy knowing that you’re giving back to a very worthy cause to protect Costa Rica’s wildlife now and for the future. When you arrive, you’ll be shown around the grounds by a knowledgeable guide who works at Monkey Park and can teach you about the animals there, and afterwards you can visit the butterfly gardens on-site and have a bite to eat in the restaurant.