Ostional turtle tour

Undeniably, the best place to see wild, endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica is at Playa Ostional – a national wildlife protection area. Every year, hundreds upon hundreds of Olive Ridley sea turtles make the arduous journey from the depths of the Pacific and return to this beach where they were born, to dig massive nests in the black sand and lay between 70 and 150 eggs.

Just a fraction of these baby sea turtles will survive, but miraculously, many do and after about 45 days, a parade of these babies make their way back down the sand toward the waves.

The best time to see Costa Rica’s sea turtle migration, which is called Arribada, is from September to December. The turtles can best be seen just as the sun sets, and most arrive around the time of the full moon, although you should check with our tour operator to confirm dates.

Your guide will educate you about these ancient, majestic sea creatures and will tell you about the cultural activities associated with turtle nesting, including the controversial but legal collection and sale of sea turtle eggs. As well, we’ll set you up with specialized red flashlights that don’t damage the turtles’ eyes so you can see these creatures clearly.