Peace Retreat Yoga Center

Peace Retreat Yoga Center in Playa Negra
Yoga in Costa Rica is like bread and butter – the two fit together perfectly. It’s something about the connection you feel to nature when you arrive in this country and the relaxed, live-in-the-present lifestyle the locals are born into, especially here in Guanacaste.

At one of the best surf beaches Costa Rica has to offer, you can take part in enlightened yoga classes or yoga retreats at the Peace Retreat’s open air studio in Playa Negra. Take part in an evening class, and you’ll be doing your downward dog amid bright fireflies that shine like stars. All the instructors are professionally trained and have your wellness in mind.
Let us know if you’d like to take part in just a few classes, a package that includes surfing or stand-up paddleboarding or an all-inclusive yoga retreat that can last just 4 days or more than a week.