Playa Negra Costa Rica is a gem of the black sand and rocks on it’s beach

So named for the black sand and rocks on its beach, Playa Negra is a secluded and tranquil beach set in front of a charming little town. The wave here can be enormous and powerful, and is more often than not beautifully formed for a heck of a ride down a barrel. It was made famous by the surf movie The Endless Summer 2.

Among the black rocks that decorate the beach, visitors will find tide pools where little fish, crabs and other sea life live and can easily be explored during low tide. At the south end, an area protected from the waves offshore makes a perfect place to swim in the warm ocean.

In Playa Negra, you’ll find the cozy Café Playa Negra, which serves an excellent ceviche; Jalapenos, which makes an enormous and delicious burrito inside a homemade tortilla, a handful of surf shops, a bikini maker, yoga retreat and more. Above all, Negra is a great place to get wrapped up in the chilled-out surfer vibe.