Playa Samara

Known mainly to local surfing enthusiasts, Playa Samara is the best beach in Costa Rica, according to TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards in 2013, and others say it’s the safest beach in the country as well. Either way, the sand is white and the water is clear and has great spots for swimming and fishing, and for surfers who are just learning and for those who like big barreling waves.

A huge coral reef offshore makes this an ideal place for snorkelling and diving as well, so if you plan to visit, let us know and we’ll sort out a tour so you can explore the marine life of Samara. We can also set you up with a guide and a kayak to take you out to nearby Isla Chora, where soaring flocks of birds make their home and you can usually hang out here without interruption from other people.

In the town of Samara, the vibe is relaxed and you’ll find a diverse mix of residents including Ticos and visitors from Europe and North America who couldn’t bring themselves to ever leave. There are some great little restaurants here, nice hotels and a nightclub that doesn’t stop until the wee hours.