Tamarindo Beach

Playa Tamarindo Or Tamarindo Beach

Ever dreamed of capturing a photo of the perfect sunset splashed in bright orange and rose tones, with waves crashing in the foreground and moored sailboats dotting the horizon? Playa Tamarindo, or Tamarindo beach, is a must-see.

Soft sand and coconut palms line the shore where the waves, perfect for beginner or advanced surfers, crash. Grab a drink at one of a handful of beachfront bars and restaurants, and sit as you watch the sun dip toward the Pacific horizon and illuminate the sky in a stunning palette of hues.

Here, you’ll find plenty of spots to rent surfboards or take surf lessons, or maybe try kayaking or a Stand-Up Paddleboard. There are boat trips to ferry you into the nearby estuary which leads to Las Baulas National Marine Park, home of nesting leatherback sea turtles, many a monkey, rare bird and crocodile.

Keep your eyes peeled to the horizon between December and April, when you might see whales migrating to warmer waters to give birth.
Tamarindo beach is the perfect place to take a sunrise or sunset stroll, play in the waves, swim in a calm section, catch fish off the rocks or just sit among the locals and watch the surfers or people passing by.