Pura Vida Amigos

You can’t come to Costa Rica without hearing the saying “pura vida” probably several times a day! It’s like the country’s motto and it has a great message.

Translated literally, pura vida means pure life, but locals use it for so much more. Costa Ricans will often say “pura vida” instead of saying hello (hola) or goodbye (adios or chau). If someone asks how you’re doing with “como estás?”, answering “pura vida” can mean you’re living a happy life, or feeling great. You can say “pura vida” instead of thank you. It can also be a reminder that life is good and beautiful and should be enjoyed to the fullest every day.

More than just an expression, pura vida is a way of life in Costa Rica. It encompasses living more slowly, enjoying the little things like a friendly smile or the way the wind blows through the trees, or the exhilaration of surfing the perfect wave.
By the time you leave, you’ll be saying pura vida to everyone you pass, too!