Toucan Rescue Ranch

Toucans are shy birds and are hard to find out in the wild, so a visit to the Toucan Rescue Ranch in a suburb of San Jose is a great place to see these majestic birds up close. Toucans and other birds and animals that have been injured, orphaned or displaced come here for rehabilitation and medical care in hopes of being released back into the wild one day. Many do make it back out, but those who are too weak or won’t survive on their own have a permanent home at the Toucan Rescue Ranch.

This isn’t an easy place to get to, nor can people just arrive and hope to see the birds and animals here, so contact us to arrange a visit for you and our group.

While you’re here, you’ll see an amputee owl who can hop down a ladder for food, as well as a spider monkey, parrots, sloths, macaws and a Mexican tree porcupine.

The owners’ goal is to one day open a toucan breeding facility to help increase the population of these birds, and the entrance fee goes toward that goal, as well as to buy medicine, medical supplies and food for the animals being treated here.